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Re: Looking for help/info/tips how to breed a snake I stole. Please let me explain

Definitely a carpet python. No reason to breed her though. For one, she is a pet to you. Breeders are handled and maintained a bit differently and would probably stress YOU out. 2nd, you don't know her herretiage and over popilation does exist due to people who just want to breed for the novelty of breeding, which doesn't sound like what you are all about. Snakes are NOT maternal. They lay eggs and leave. And if it's a live birth, they just birth, then leave. Baby snakes come out 100% independent. They also come out FIESTY. Which leads me to the last reason you shouldn't breed. 10-20 nippy, hissy. Food aggressive babies are probably not the best thing for someone who admits to being even a LITTLE timid around snakes. Baby carpets are fierce and not for the faint of heart.

Thank you for taking her from an abusive situation. Just keep loving her like you do and she will benefit tons! Also, probably best to dial her feeding down to 1 rat every 3-4 weeks due to her size and age. =)
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