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Re: Lighting for 4x2x4 encosure

For plant growth you need lighting that as close to daylight colour temperature as possible ie 6500k.

Do you have the Jungle Dawn range of led lighting over there? Pretty much the de facto planted viv light source over here. Not cheap but very good.

One of our DIY chains has also started doing a 6500k normal lightbulb which I'm trialing as an alterative (bulbs in the home are usually between 2500k and 4000k depending on how 'warm' the glow of the light - the lower the k the 'warmer' is redder the light is. The higher the k the 'cooler' more blue the light).

That's a quite a tall big viv and plants like a lot of light. A bulb in a viv may look bright but compared to sunlight they'll barely be putting anything out. This though needs to be balanced with what's being kept in the viv so what's going to be in there?
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