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Re: Largest Snake in the world or is there any bigger?

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
Sigh, learn how to read and's Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi; and yes, she's a Congresswoman, but I don't know if she's Polish or not, so I'll leave that be...for now.

Oh, by the way, learn how to recognize'll live a longer, happier life when you realize when someone's being facetious; so grow up yourself, and learn that name calling ceased to be an effective method to assault an individual's psyche back in the third grade.

But, before I trot on...
1. Aneurism is the correct spelling...
2. "...because they possess they just fall into it..." Are you talking about inhereting wealth, vice earning it through sweat and toil in that sentence? Can someone please translate?
2. Defend what? I simply made a wasn't political in nature, it was just a statement of the man's--and he is just a man...I think--character and nothing more.

However, you seemed to take such an affront to my sarcasm, that I'm beginning to wonder who's--I'll plagiarize your term here and return it to you--the real "idiot".

I believe the person you are replying to was being facetious.
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