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Re: Are keepers underfeeding their snakes?

Very good topic. It does seem like there's been a swing from more liberal to more conservative feeding regiments. I've even made some slight adjustments myself. I've never power fed any of my snakes but I probably feed my critters a bit more than the average keeper, especially for the first 2 years. As babies if my snakes are hungry, they pretty much get fed. As they get bigger and older I start to dial back their feeding frequency. All of my snakes still eat every 7-14 days. I believe that's works well for my colubrids and pythons. I don't keep boas but I've heard they have slower metabolisms and are more prone to obesity. I can't see me feeding any of my animals once a month unless it had a huge meal. When I start feeding rabbits I might have a 3-4 week gap between feedings. Snakes can obviously survive and even thrive on a maintenance feeding schedule but I want my crew to be happy and well fed. I'm sure there's a happy medum between over and under feeding. Let's just keep doing what's best for our individual collections and we'll compare results in 20-25 years .
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