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Re: Are keepers underfeeding their snakes?

I feed my BI and BC very little. I could feed them a little more frequently but for them I just don't feel it is healthy. I mean growing up Lucky would sometimes eat even less than I feed the young ones now and she is 8ft.

Cleo, one of the retics, is about 7ft at a yearish old. I expect she'll hit 10ft easy by 2 years and she came from smaller parents. I finally found another rabbit supplier that is nearby and she'll be getting rabbits by the end of the month. Just have to schedule the pickup day with the guy. I'm expecting she'll have a major growth spurt soon!

The colubrids eat every 7-14 days depending on which ones.

I honestly never notice underfeeding but I'm not that active in retic or colubrid groups. I'm more active in the BI or BC groups and overfeeding is something I notice all the time. I also notice corns being overfed all the time and getting fat. I have noticed people asking how to keep their giants on the smaller side. I don't really understand it since you shouldn't have bought a giant if you didn't want a big snake. Seems obvious that a giant will get big it's in the name
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