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Are keepers underfeeding their snakes?

Background to my question in the thread title. I should note this is mostly to do with boas and pythons and colubrids tends to have a higher metabolism and most keepers still feed them more frequency.

At one point it was quite common for keepers to stuff their snakes in various ways that we all refer to as "power feeding" now.

Over the decades it's come as no surprise that snakes in the long term suffer from it. So people began to change their ways and offer a more modest diet. Smaller meals spread out more.

I've personally noticed all over the internet feeding regimes people discuss that seem to have almost gone to the extreme opposite of power feeding. Has anyone else noticed this?

I see older and smaller snakes in pictures than ever before. Retics and burms barely reaching 10 feet within 2 or 3 years.

Am I out to lunch or has others seen this as well?
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