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I don't know how old you are, but if you are still living with your parents, that is just the way it goes. It is their house, after all. When you move out and buy your own house and are paying all the bills and supplying all the groceries, clothes, etc, then you can have all the snakes you want. (see where I am going with this?). I have 4 kids, and I am constantly being asked for this, that and the other thing. Of course, the things they want this week are completely different from what they wanted last week.

So, just be grateful that your parents have allowed you to have the pets you do. Most parents would not have let you have ANY snakes!
"To truly rescue an animal one has to provide long-term care that guarantees the animal's security for its natural life, because rescuing is more than removing an animal from a bad situation. Rescue involves restoring and preserving the animal's dignity for its natural life without stress, and this includes conserving the species as a whole for generations to come." (Brian Werner, founder TMLF / TCWR)
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