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Re: 2017 California Red sideds...

Originally Posted by Magdalen View Post
Wooooooow. Are these San Francisco ones? They look like them, but I could be wrong. Cause I thought the San Fran ones were illegal to have since they have such a small habitat. Asking cause I love the looks of these. OOOok I answered my own question: They are not! haha. So pretty. Is there regulations about selling to someone in California if you know?

I actually went to a lecture about the Giant Garter snakes we get around my area... to go a little off the topic.
. Thanks. No. These are not T.S. Tetratenia (San Francico garter snake), who are federally protected. These are T.S. Infernalis (California red sided) whose conservation status is now threatened in the wild. I would think that selling them to someone in California could be illegal as they are a native species to the state.
T. Gigas ( Giant garter snake) also has a conservation status of "threatened". Native to California. Neither Infernalis nor Gigas are federally protected but are on the state level as native species that are threatened.

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