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Re: Details On Corns Snake Husbandry

Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
Well thanks, but I am looking for details. I've read and watched plenty of people. I still want that someone who has kept cornsnakes and never had trouble with them. I don't want a basic setup like a 20 gallon long and a water bowl and a hide and heatpad. I want the nice naturalistic setup, large enough to stretch out and explore climb and thrive.
Well, you know the basic needs, temps, humidity... if you want to go beyond that, that's fine;
  • Branches and decoration, whether or not live plants are an option - be creative
  • You can give access to tunnels/burrows, high hides, low hides, simulate their natural living environment, etc
  • I don't like the use of heat pads, I like top heating. Snakes will naturally burrow against heat. Using a heat pad is kind of doing the opposite. Also with plants, thick substrate, and all the little bugs living with my snakes it really doesn't work for me.
  • One can look at adding UV light to corn snakes, there are studies that they actually show benefits from having access to limited UV (approx UV Index 1 - 2) on their basking spot (UV and heat should be available on the same spot and not over the entire enclosure. Just like heat, UV also needs a gradient and applied carefully)
  • One could make the enclosure bio-active by adding a clean-up crew (pillbugs/springtails) to the vivarium with plants. Basically you don't have to clean-up after the snake anymore once that colony establishes. There is various information available and it's pretty easy to do with some basic gardening skills. I have it with my snakes, and I didn't clean-up any poop in months as there is none and also no smell whatsoever.
  • Against popular believe for corn snakes, most snakes except a few true desert species actually do like a level of humidity. They just don't like constant humidity (ie- wet 'feet' all the time). Just like heat, and UV, you can also apply a humidity gradient. Easy to do with plants, as they need water.
  • Given those things... extra lighting, humidity, blabla, one thing that is often overlooked is ventilation. If you use a small fan to provide a limited airflow you'll notice that you basically cannot overheat your vivarium. Lights heats up the surface, which heats up the air, if you use ventilation your air won't heat up unless the whole room is hot. If you have reasonable room temperature, you can pick a heating method that gives you the right surface temperature (as measured with a temp. gun) and that's all. You won't need to dim down the artificial sunlight to control temps. But this is me, and many may not agree with it.
  • Also, snake's vision is different from mammals. They can see UVA, and they do require a full spectrum light to see clearly, just like us. So providing good light also enhances your snake's life.

There are literally no limits, besides your imagination and your budget.
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