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Re: 2017 California Red sideds...

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
Purty...real purty! Almost makes me want one...almost!
Thanks Scuba! Garters are a very cool species to interact with. The multitude of morphs is exploding. Pioneer Jeff Benfer aka the garter snake morph recently produced a worlds first erythrystic albino golden eastern garter snake.

Originally Posted by Minkness View Post
Albert, PM a price for a 1.1 pair with shipping included please.
. PM sent. Thanks Mink.

Originally Posted by ThirteenRavens View Post
If I was going to have a garter, this would be it!!! Gorgeous babies!
. Thanks TR. These guys (Infernalis) are a very sought after subspecies. Almost a must have. Lol.

Originally Posted by dannybgoode View Post
Very very pretty. Congratulations. Must be said I'm getting a bit of a yearning for some garters and I have the perfect spare enclosure.

As for the reproductive side of the hobby I can't wait to get started as I can imagine the challenge and reward is a real buzz.
. Thanks db. I saw where you previously expressed a desire for garters. Yeah, follow that yearning. Can't wait to see you get started with them.
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