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Re: Building my first wooden vivarium for my corn snakes

I do keep the current enclosures from 75 on te cool side, 80 at the ambient temp and 85 at the hot end. So I'm doing good there.

Also with the humidity, it is usually at 50-60 in my house, I think I got 30% from a youtube video, someone said they are fine from 10 t0 50% but shouldn't go higher cause it could cause problems like respiratory issues or scale rot. So I guess I just rounded out the suggestions. Thank you for letting me know about the more normal humidity of 40% to 70% so I shouldn't worry too much. I'll still be keeping a good eye on the dry or damaged scales.

And I do currently use UTH so once I finish building the vivarium I will be using heat emitter bulbs, with guards to protect the snakes from burning themselves. Normal LED strips for lighting. With the emitter, I will use a thermostat controller as well, not sure which would work well for just two Vivariums. I don't plan to get any more reptiles or other pets at the moment. People say snakes don't need uv lighting, I am considering UVB lamp. The floor to the roof of the vivarium will be at least 1 and a half to 2 feet high and 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep. Any thoughts on UVB for corn snakes?

And I'm sure my uncle will be able to waterproof the vivariums and give them a nice look. I'm really looking forward to their new adult enclosures and making it comfortable and safe.
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