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Re: Building my first wooden vivarium for my corn snakes

For corn snakes I'd just vent the whole, or at least large sections of, the top if you have no need of it as a surface for things. That's how I'm doing the bull snakes, pine snakes, and probably even the crested geckos for easier lighting, heating, summer humidity.... The exception right now will probably only be the higher humidity and still heat needing blood python enclosure because it dries too much to top heat and open top for them.

Top heating works fine with corns Just like the sun warms the surfaces they lay on and that gets belly heat. Heat doesn't come out of the ground in the wild. You only have ambient and Sun warmed. I place rocks or natural stone flooring tiles that can be raised as hides under the heat to absorb and make an open basking spot.

If you use an infrared bulb instead of heat emitter it will be drying which is usually undesirable but I find very useful often with my north America colubrids and to avoid excessively damp top layer in bioactive soil, especially with plants that need watered. Swap it to che in winter and you cut the drying again. Internally mounting a heat lamp is more dangerous so far trickier than leaving part or all the top mesh to keep it outside the snake area and ventilate the dome itself. Make sure the top mesh is heat resistant or hang from another top frame that could also hide the domes. I just stuck a 2x6" board down the front of the wire frame holding my corn snake che and daylight heat bulb off the finer mesh so it's open but you don't see. It's like building an aquarium design but you hinge or slide the front panel to open instead of top mesh.
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