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I love kings

PS. Kenyan Boa isn't exactly a good eater (they are very shy), and you will not see him/her a lot. Maybe once every week or 2. Like I said before; Keeping sandboa's is like keeping a jar of dirt that seemingly out of itself reorganizes from time to time.

Also, a good bite from a Hognose can actually hurt a ton, but that's about all it does unless you're allergic. Luckily they don't really bite all that often and most people are conscious enough not to have the snake chew down its venom for a while. They are cute as hell, but I can't get any here because they are DWA where I am (Hungary).

PPS. I have Kings, Milks, and Sandboa's. Since both Milk and king fall into the same genus (Lampropeltis) it can be a bit confusing (they should really separate them). I personally think the Kingsnakes are the better keepers. Milks in general seem to be a lot more shy and secretive for some reason, or at least mine.

African House Snakes are actually very nice snakes, but to each their own. I had several chances to get some very nice specimen, though I never ended up with one. So there's that.

& Welcome
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