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Re: Everyone asks me why?!

I appreciate the paint canvas and complexity of animals. That's why I won't have racks except as temporary holding such as if I breed and one reason I don't really get into the morphs much. What naturally occurs is fascinating to see. What nature can paint. I can marvel at a baby guinea pig in multiple colors of an odd pattern for 10 minutes so to watch 2, 4, 6+ feet of snake markings slide by is cool to watch the details. The problem I have though is that mammals are so demanding for care and cleaning with constant peeing and pooping. Feed daily or twice daily. Eventually I developed a rodent allergy which extends to my guinea pigs, who I wasn't keeping up with their cages anyway from the fountain of pee they produce, and the chinchillas. I had to cut numbers severely. Snakes are relatively clean, odorless, stay in their cages if you want, and really injure me less often than the freaking cat and a whole lot less than the rabbits. I've got scars from rabbits. We joke on the rabbit raising forum that if end up at the hospital for something they are going to assume we are cutter from all the sharp bloody lines down our wrists and forearms. Rabbit nails can cut so cleanly it's almost like a scalpel where you don't even know you've been cut or how deep until you realize you've streaked your clothes, the cages, and a couple rabbits in blood. I've gone to martial arts with electrical tape strips crisscrossing my arms and going around my wrists and backs of hands to make sure I don't bleed on people. So while people fear snake bites and the big pythons in particular can do some serious damage if things mess up, injury is actually a whole lot less likely than mammals.

Cleaner, quieter, easier, safer if you just pay attention or stay away from the bigger stuff.... in an array of colors and interesting but overall calm (babies can be more jittery of course) behavior to watch. I like natural enclosures with most bioactive (making an ecosystem of bugs and sometimes plants that cleans itself) because really dirt is cleaner than dirty bedding and actually many have noticed benefits to their house and the air to keep large enclosures of natural materials. Add insects and that bit of cleaning you had to do in place of mammals becomes just watering, adding feeding materials between snake poop meals, etc... while the bugs clean the place. Then to design them so you get to see behaviors like watch them choose where to sun and where to cool. Look for prey when hungry. Show their equivalent of boredom if not enough has happened. Watch the dogs and humans through the glass from their basking spot.

There is a varying level of intelligence in each one. They are not dumber than the smaller mammals we keep as pets and they recognize people. Even the ones you don't handle you'll see heads pop out to check the person coming in the room and know who feeds them. Their behavior appears different but aside from certain stronger instincts due to being predators and often ambush predators that tend to be designed so well they change slowly reptiles have all the same behaviors as your other pets. Some can appreciate that where others are too close minded or inexperienced in animal behavior to see anything there.
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