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So, I have been looking at attending this Reptile Expo in Tulsa, OK on June 18th. Looking at the vendors though, they seem to only offer ball pythons. Do folks tend to get their reptiles online often, or moreso locally? There is a place that breeds balls about 40 minutes from my address in my grandma's town. It has very positive reviews on FaunaClassifieds. I would like to handle some snakes that I'm interested in to get a feel for them, but from the looks of it the Reptile expo wouldn't give me a real variety, and some of the breeders mentioned didn't review well. I like the idea of seeing how these guys handle first hand and being able to speak to a breeder one on one about feeding and all that. I know there are some online places that are reputable (BHB seems very nice) and some that are borderline blacklisted.

Assuming that I decide on what species I would like based on general temperament and care requirements, does anyone have recommendations on breeders? I'm certainly not opposed to breeders that aren't giants either. Mom and Pop operations are great in my book as long as they are good to the animals.

Thanks everyone.

Also if this would be better posted elsewhere in the forum I will be happy to do so. I just don't want to duplicate a thread if it's unnecessary. I know that is generally frowned upon.
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