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Re: What Colour Morph is this?

Again I appreciate I may come across as harsh and that's not my intent. I'm a Yorkshireman and just say it like it is that's all.

You've took on a potentially challenging snake without doing the research. Hey it happens and it's done but you need to be aware of what you've taken on.

This snake has the potential to exceed 18', even 20'. Ok it's a male so those sizes are unlikely but 14-15' are a distinct possibility and it *may* get larger still. . That is lot of snake. If you have a decent zoo near you see if they have retic display (Chester Zoo for example have a pair of beauties) and if they do go and see them and consider how that'll feel in your house.

I won't take a retic on - just too much snake for me and I've moved into giant territory with some of my collection.

That's a big intimidating snake even for someone with experience. It's also going to need a big viv - I'd be measuring up for an 8'x3'x3' as a minimum. It's going to be eating rabbits eventually so you need a source of them and they are not the cheapest food.

You also need to think about safe handling. It's not just the constricting risk from something like this, a bite can xxxx you up big time. I know a guy who nearly lost his foot from an upset retic taking a chunk out of it. He'll never walk properly again.

As I say this isn't intended to have a go at you, just get you thinking about the future. It's good you're asking questions but you need to do research beyond this forum as well (I'll admit I'm at my limit with the scrubs I'm taking on so there's nothing wrong per se with taking something on but you need to know the potential issues). Retics are snakes to be treated with the utmost respect - they can be brilliant animals but read their mood wrong and it could change your life.

There's a pinned thread at the top of the giant forum specifically on what to consider when taking one I and it's an excellent starting point.

As to your question. No I wouldn't have a burm out with a retic. If I'm honest I wouldn't even think about getting a burm until this guy is full grown as you may find it quite with snake to be dealing with.
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