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Re: What Colour Morph is this?

If it's a morph I'd say platinum, I miss the fading towards the tail and the softer edges / cleaner look that sunfires tend to have. Platinums get more yellow as they age (Sunfires also brighten up, but they get a more cleaner/faded look to them). I looked a lot into the difference between sunfires and platinums since I have a rescue girl with an unknown morph myself, suspected platinum. Remember though.. It's not an exact science to determine certain morphs just by looking at the snake.

He resembles my girl a bit, here's the most recent picture of her.

Edit: B.t.w. did you not mention you bought it as a platinum? Also may I ask why you're bathing him?
Also to know if he would be a proper size we would have to know a lot more about his lineage.
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