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Species selection polls (snakes)

Hello! My name is Drew, and I am building a reptile collection for a school. These animals will be cared for by myself, and will be at least viewed by children ages 3-18. A good deal of them will be included in educational shows, and will potentially be handled by children (all at the discretion of the individual animal). A little background on myself, I have been giving educational animal shows for the past 4 years to children ages 3-10, and have been caring for reptiles pretty much forever. Worked with a rescue, and we got pretty much everything in, from tiny geckos to giant retics, burms, and ARP's. So, experience is not an issue - I know how to properly care for many herps, and am comfortable handling pretty much everything (only thing I will NOT do is centipedes, lol).

Anyways, for this collection. I have narrowed my species selection down to 20 or so species - I cannot narrow it any further on my own. We will be keeping fish as well, so I cannot afford to keep 20 snakes, plus other herps (budget is unknown, but a general [and undisclosable, as per our service agreement] range is known). This is where other herp keepers come in. I have created three polls, each of them designed around a certain group of snake. They have all been narrowed down to a certain amount of species, and all you have to do is help me get it to one (or two, in some cases). The polls are linked below:

Poll 1 (large constrictors)
Poll 2 (medium constrictors)
Poll 3 (medium colubrids)

Poll 2 allows you to select multiple species - please only select either 1 or 2 species for this one.

In addition to these polls (sorry for the wall of text), there is one other category I would like to have a snake in. This would basically be a grab bag, anything goes (except for anything that would fit into the previous three categories). For that one, please give me your vote in a post here. So far, I have two votes for a Western Hognose Snake, one vote for a Thai beauty rat snake, and one vote for a member of the Pituophis genus.

Thank you for your participation,
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