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Re: Good reptile books

Originally Posted by regi375 View Post
Can anyone recommend me some books with good information on keeping/breeding reptiles? I'm open to anything from leopard geckos, to pythons, colubrids, and more. Just need some good reading material so my teachers won't yell at me for being on my phone. Thanks
The Art of Keeping Snakes by Philippe de Vosjoli

The Corn Snake Manual by Kathy Love (tons of pictures in here that actually reference things useful for all manner of species.)

Corn Snakes also by Kathy Love, its just slightly updated information but not as good of pictures to reference.

Reptiles and Amphibians for Dummies by Patricia Bartlett these books are actually surprisingly informative.

The last three can be gotten online at one of those use book stores for less than 10 bucks for all of them. The first one is newer and like 10 bucks.
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