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Re: Good reptile books

Here's a few that I own that I think are worthwhile.

The Herpetoculture of Leopard Geckos used to be the bible for leos. It might be a little dated now, I'm not sure. I have it, but I haven't kept up with leos.

The Art of Keeping Snakes, is also a bit old, but it's a good introduction of natural/bioactive enclosures.

The Complete Boa Constrictor is good if you're at all interested in boas.

America's Snake: The Rise and Fall of the Timber Rattlesnake. It's not about captive snakes, but it is an interesting read on wild Timber rattlers.

Snakebit: Confessions of a Herpetologist is along the same vein. But, it focuses a bit more on the herper rather than the herps.
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