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Re: Two pinkies a week?

Originally Posted by Macropodus View Post
Really? Why?
Eating 1 pizza,
Eating another right after it.

More food is of course harder, doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. Though giving 1 good size food item is generally assumed better than giving 2 smaller ones, but that can be difficult with small snakes since 1 size bigger may be way too much to handle for the little guy (size wise).

PS. Don't worry about the fuzzies and the hour drive, just buy enough of them for 3 months time in a single drive, and store them in your freezer. Won't take much place anyway. It's also better to see what you will buy because there can be a lot of size differences between fuzzies, and you don't want to end up with something you can't use.

If snake is too small still, then just keep on pinkies until those go down easily and 2 pinkies starts to be too little for him.
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