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Re: Feeding questions

MBK (and almost all kingsnakes) are trashcans when it comes to food. 10-15% of body weight per feeding with prey item(s) around or slightly bigger than their mid body works out just fine. Up to 1 year you can feed them every 5 days, in year 2; 5-7 days, in year 3; 7 days. Feeding frequency (digestion as a whole) depends on temperature, so make sure you have the right temperature setup, which I am sure you know.

No need to feed lizards, eggs, and other stuff. Mice and a young rat pup every 3 months or so will do just fine. If you plan to use mainly your overflow of pinkies or young mice, your kingsnake will outgrow those sizes quite rapidly and likely feeds on young adults (~17 grams) within 2 years and adults (~25+ grams) by the end of year 3. Now you have different species of mice, not sure about their growth rate and such, but you will see..
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