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Re: What is on your wishlist?

I'm indecisive so I'm gonna post a top three for each category.


3. Just one of those Okeetee Corn Snakes or Everglade's Rat Snakes that when someone shows parents in the ad they put not for sale on. It may seem simple but to have one of the best of the absolute best version of a specific species of even a basic/commonly kept snake can honestly be more exciting than the weirdest morph/mutation.

2. Rubber Boa, kind of a weird snake you don't really see available anymore and when they are, quite frankly it's usually some random who just happens to have them. For those that don't know they are the northern relative of rosy boas and have some interesting care requirements. Don't know why I think they are cool, they are kind of ugly actually.

1. Emerald Tree Boa, for all of the reasons I think everyone would want them. Just not ready to take the leap yet.


3. Panther Chameleon, honestly really nothing stopping me from getting one of these other than room. I just think they are so freakin sweet looking. There are rarer or more interesting species of Chameleon but, eh, its just a flavor thing. I've got a special place in my heart for the little mini leaf chameleons though and it would be fun to get a breeding population together.

2. Fire Skinks, these used to be freaking everywhere in the market but as imports. Its a real shame that no one has ever bothered to figure out their captive breeding because I think if someone could figure that out they could set the market on them to kind of chase the tails of the BTS craze. I know they aren't as big or personable as a blue tongue skink but they have sharp colors and smaller housing requirements.

1. Water Monitor, the insanely tame water monitors over at NERD that are priced more like purebred dogs than anything. But also act like dogs in terms of handling. One of the most interesting things going on in the lizard community right now simply because that guy is blowing the walls of what people could expect out of a lizard.


2. Russian Tortoise, if you recognize a theme its that I like underappreciated species and none meets that definition in my list like the Russian Tortoise the resident "I'm dying at this Petsmart" of the group. Just like seeing them be taken care of properly and I think it'd be cool to have.

1. Eastern Box Turtle, basically illegal for me but I had one as a kid before then and it was awesome (unfortunately I was like 5 so care fell to my mom and she ended up rehoming it.)


3. Spring Peepers, I kept these wild caught as a kid for years. I'd spend hours finding bugs for them to eat and then convincing my mom to go get crickets for them when it was winter. One of sort of kept animals I'm not too proud of (though they were healthy I understand why taking animals from the wild is bad now). I'm kind of surprised that these aren't kept more, they are hardier than any dart frog and have loads of personality.

2. Tiger Salamander/Fire Salamander, honestly just think these seem awesome. My house doesn't have a basement and the power goes out a bit too often for me to be comfortable keeping amphibians which is kind of depressing considering amphibians are where I cut my teeth as a young hobbyist. Never really had any salamander/newts outside of a firebelly newt so its always something I've wanted to try.

1. Colorado River Toad, cause BOOM that's a big ole toad.

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