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Hey guys my name is Jonathan and I just wanted to introduce my self to the forums, it will be nice to see the different animals people are keeping and meeting some other hobbyists.

If anyone has any questions about my collection please feel free to ask. I can answer many questions about species I don't own as well. I currently manage fish & reptile departments at a privately owned store and have a lots of experience with both cb and wild fish & reptiles.

Currently this is what I have in my ever growing collection.

1.0 Sunglow Het Moonglow
1.0 Het Albino
1.1 Salmon Poss Het Albino
1.0 Motley Het Albino
1.0 Hypo Jungle Motley Het Moon
0.1 Het Snow
0.1 Albino
0.1 Snow
0.1 Het Anery
1.1 Sand Boa
1.1 Rainbow Boa

1.0 Ball Python
1.1 Spotted Python
1.0 Dwarf Tiger Het Albino Reticulated Python
0.1 Super Dwarf Reticulated Python

1.0 Rhino Rat Snake
1.0 Black Milk Snake
1.0 Mexican Black Kingsnake
0.1 California Albino Pinstripe Kingsnake
1.2 Pueblan Milksnake
1.1 Taiwan Beauty
4.5 Assorted Corn Snake Morphs
1.1 Het Scaleless Corns

Other Snake
0.1 Yellow Anaconda

4.10 Assorted Leopard Gecko Morphs
2.5 Frog Eyed Geckos
0.0.2 Viper Geckos
1.1 Uroplatus Fimbriatus
1.1 Uroplatus Sikorea
1.1 Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
2.1 African Fat Tail Gecko
0.0.1 Gargoyle Gecko

2.2 Blue Tongue Maruake

1.0 Elongated Tortoise
1.0 Russian Tortoise
0.0.1 Red Foot Tortoise

0.0.1 Black Rough Neck
0.0.1 Water Monitor

Tiger Salamander
Cane Toad

3 Cats
1 Hedgehog
1 Rat
1 Tolerant Girlfriend
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