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Feeding questions

I don't have a snake yet but am doing lots of research and hope to get a MBK within the year. I breed show type mice and have for over 6 years and me and my s/o always talked about having a snake since we basically have "free" food around. But only recently have I been looking into reptiles and after going through a few more higher maintenance species, which I still hope to have in the future, landed on snakes. Now the questions...

I understand the width of snake to food stuff to figure out the best size but what about when they go from eating say one pinkie to two? Do they just let you know and seek out more food? The mice we breed are far bigger than any feeder mice usually between 55-65 grams for both sexes and some big boys get 70+. So obviously for a full grown snake but would they still need a "small rat" every once in a while? I still plan to feed variety like eggs, chicks and feeder lizards. So about big are chicks? Are they usually for adults? And feeder lizards look small from what I've seen online are they better suited for a younger snake or fed in larger quantities or just different species? Do you live feed the lizards do you not do that? I don't plan to feed any of the mice or any other food items live but if there's no way around the lizards I'd be ok with it once in a while to be beneficial to the snake.

Thanks in advance
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