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Re: Two pinkies a week?

I give my second pinkie after they've gotten the first started down the pipe. My King, the voracious feeder that she is, will take the second one almost immediately. And when I don't see them out, and I leave multiples out for them to find on their own, they eat them all the same night.

If I don't feed immediately, I may not see them for several days while they sit in the hot hide.

Originally Posted by Nutella View Post
The only trouble with switching to fuzzies right away (other than my worry that maybe she's not quite ready) is that I'd have to drive an hour away to buy them, as I'm in a very rural location. So I think until I'm next in town I'll just double up. I have ten pinkies left so that gives me five weeks to get fuzzies.

Should I stagger them, one on Tuesday one on Saturday, that sort of thing? Or give them both at once?
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