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Re: Morelia Amethystina pair - Amethystine python

Originally Posted by Tiny Boidae View Post
Adorable little guys! That female is gorgeous too, the irridecance is phenomenal on that snake. Thanks for sharing, and be sure to keep us updated.
They're not called the amethystine python for nothing - in the sunlight these things are sensational.

And they don't necessarily turn it to adorable little adults. They can make even a grumpy retic look positively tame and can get well in excess of 12'. The Australian scrub, the Morelia kinghornii can get to 16' and is possibly even more bad tempered on occasions.

The distance they can strike from what appears to be a benign position is fearsome!

That said, handle them from young and respect them for what they are they are manageable most of the time. They are certainly going to be a huge challenge for me and I have not entered into ownership lightly.

They are however one of the most stunning snakes on the planet.

@Aaron - thanks, I can't wait to pick them up in June
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