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Re: What happened to discussion/debate in the reptile community?

Originally Posted by jjhill001 View Post
I don't know if its because I've been doing this too long or what and apologies for the mini-rant but why is it that every time someone does something differently or has a new idea do people feel the need to be rude and completely dismissive to any kind of idea or different way of doing things? Usually followed by someone regurgitating information from a caresheet.

Why is it that people believe that it's impossible to have an improvement or different method on <insert standard> with animals that are now more commonly kept?

Everyone used to do everything a little bit differently with varying levels of success. We exchanged ideas, theories, methodologies and I feel that has just completely stopped. Why is that?
There is no quick and easy answer to your question. (It's a great one though!)

Some of it has been spoken about here already. To add, on the internet it gets difficult for reasons mentioned but in addition, it's fairly anonymous and you can say what you want and how you want it and not face any real consequences.

In addition I found there was far more exchange of information when the discussion was presented on very few general forum sites like this one. Then people started making species or geographical area specific forums. This went straight to facebook and making groups. This led to segregation. Where people who share similar views can talk to others with similar views and silence those opposing them or disagreeing with them.

Here you generally have to play nice.

I'll be the first to admit I can be a little harsh to new ideas from new people however I will listen and think on the idea for awhile. I don't believe in drastic changes when something is working but I'm open to listening and seeing and how the new idea works for a period of time before I jump on board and do it myself.

For example, I used to see the rack vs. tank debate in a black/white manner. I no longer do and haven't for years. My belief is I prefer racks for many reasons and if someone with a pet wants to modify a tank to suit/work for them then that's their choice. Is the animal well kept? If so then I don't care anymore. I'll point out pros and cons of both and then let them make the choice.
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