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Re: What happened to discussion/debate in the reptile community?

Personally, I would never discourage any "newbie" that has done her research and is actually thinking. The "newbie" stuff that I was referring to, and that frustrates me to no end, is like 10 years ago when someone somewhere said that mealworms cause impaction in leopard geckos, then it was spread all over the internet like gospel. You had 12 year olds telling professional breeders that feeding mealworms would kill their animals. This, despite the fact that many had fed mealworms exclusively for many years.

Or the hysterics about sand. OMG sand will kill everything! Get your lizard, tortoise, horse, children, whatever off of it!

It's the lack of logical, rational discussion that gets me. Everything seems to be black and white because someone read something somewhere. It's usually not that simple.
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