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Re: What happened to discussion/debate in the reptile community?

I'm a newbie, and I also do medical research, so gathering data and evidence has been really fun. One thing I've noticed with even the older keepers is their unwillingness to change, even when new scientific discoveries have been presented to them. It's like when someone says "I've been doing this longer than you've been alive". It seems more prolific in this industry that old habits are not easily changed.

Tried to have an enlightened discussion with "experts" and "newbies" alike is challenging. Coupled with the fact that there isn't a whole lot of research or information to back up any new ideas makes it even more difficult to have intelligent repertoire with others in the industry.

Newbies want to share their newbie-ness. Experts want to push their long standing ideas. But no one is bridging the gap with all of the latest research available to them.

From my perspective, being a newbie means I have absolutely no say in my own experience, research, etc from so-called experts because I just haven't been at this long enough. Which has been frustrating for me, because I have a medical degree, do medical research for a living, have plenty of mammalian experience, and can take a scientific study from the reptile community and understand it and apply it pretty quickly given my background. But that hasn't really meant its weight in gold apparently in this community, because I have the label of "newbie".

And it's not just Facebook where I've faced these challenges with aggressive "opinions" either. There have been posts on forums like this website that have also had similar reactions, which is unfortunate, because me as a "newbie" come to these places for open, engaging discussion to figure out the best possible solution from those with more experience, not to have it shoved down my throat more often than not, and made to feel bad when I actually have data to back up my disagreement.

I think all we can do as individuals is to ensure that we disseminate our information in the most respectful way possible, and if there is no productive communication, to smile, nod our heads, and move on.
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