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Re: What happened to discussion/debate in the reptile community?

The following statement is NOT aimed at anyone in particular.

I've bred multiple species for the last 15 years or so in the hobby, and out of those species, I have raised babies I produced successfully who have then bred and produced as well. I am all for new ways of doing things and embrace legitimate information backed by scientific studies...but there are SO MANY people online who have been keeping for less than 5 years and think they know more than me because they read something in a book or on google and can't wait to regurgitate that information somehow because it aligns with their opinion. Reading something is different from experiencing or doing it, and it could easily be argued that a lot of new things coming into the hobby are to appeal to or pacify the keeper and not enhance the lives of the kept. Time and time again new people will ask for advice and either someone who is just regurgitating info will weigh in with something off base or unrelated, or even something that could cause harm... or the newbie asking for the advice won't listen to advice given because they don't like what they hear...which gets old and definitely contributes to what you're saying...why bother with someone who already knows it all? That's why debate is rare in the hobby lately. I still debate/share ideas in person with those familiar to me...but strangers on the internet is a different ball game.

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