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Welcome! Sand boas are wonderful animals and I think you'll be very happy with her. As others pointed out, all snakes are a little shy but with a sand boa you're pretty much just buying a box of dirt visually speaking. Heating pads do work, I've had mine on them for about ~5 years without an issue, but I've recently switched them all to a thermostat controlled CHE and am much happier with that. They tend to use more of the tank and I do see their little heads more often. Something else that helps is having a lot of cover top soil. I almost always am able to see them that way. (For example, I bought a bunch of those hanging vines and laid them out on the soil). Also, they will try to burrow under anything you put in there. Including the water bowl. You've been warned. For substrate, these guys will do great on just about anything. I've had them on sand, Aspen bedding, carefresh, and eco earth, and they've done well on everything except the sand. When they were on that, they'd occasionally get the sand stuck in their teeth and I'd have to help them clean it out. I currently keep mine on eco earth since it tends to be cheap and I personally don't like the smell and mess of wood chips. To each their own though. Also, for handling, as others have said these guys will do great there. They tend to be a little neurotic though as mine will sometimes be fine one minute, and the very next they'll start throwing their bodies around (I have one that always does this regardless). Just know that she probably won't bite you. It's just a bluff. You'll be fine though, as it doesn't happen very often for most of them. When I do handle my snakes though, I tend to put them in a giant sweatshirt pocket and just sit with them. Not all will like it but some will sit with me, pretty relaxed. Something to try I guess.

Anyways, good luck with her! Don't forget to post pictures!
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