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I am just about to paint my 83 olds cutlass station wagon....pretty much just for s**ts and giggles.... And i just finished taking all the crappy looking trim off. Now my main problem is getting the fake wood pannelling off,(now you know the kind of car im talkin about) Then im not going to worry about too much body work, as in about a month its only going to be used as a get around vehicle for my grandpa at his "swamp"(yeah ill take it out for some hazard style driving too...) So anyways...then im going to spray it with some flat black...and to whatever remaining trim in either orange or red.
Once it actually does get taken off the road I have big plans for it... The top and all doors are coming off....(yes i said STATION WAGON)....Oh yeah... and ill fiberglass the underneath of it so it floats....
Well not sure the fiberglass thing is going to happen..but the rest sure is! Im gonna have a hell of a time with that angle grinder!
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