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Re: FW's (mostly) DIY Snake Room. (Pic heavy)

Originally Posted by Skipper7 View Post
Interesting read, thanks. How strong are the golf club hooks? Will they work for turning over some rocks and branches? I'm planning on doing some helping in phoenix... I don't want to use my hands too much asI'm not 100% familiar with all species there.
It really depends on the club. They are designed to flex and rebound a certain amount during the swing and contact with the ball, not to be leveraged under a rock. The are useful for flipping relatively light cover, such as tin or small rocks, but they definitely have a limit. My field hook is made from a very old iron. It tends to bend a bit if I push it too far, but bends right back no problem. Metal fatigue will probably cause it to fail eventually, but hopefully only after many more years of service. Lots of buzztails in the Phoenix area, great place to go herping. Definitely don't want to go sticking your fingers up under rocks though, lol.
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