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Re: Do you like scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by Magdalen View Post
I'm also curious about this too. I mean how is it any different than how we mutate (aka breed) dogs (short, smashed faces that do cause health issues)?

I don't care either way about scaleless snakes. I might just like stirring the pot haha
I don't own short, smushed faced dogs and those bred to an extreme that causes health risks. All my dogs are athletic in the medium to lower large end and any alteration, like tail curl or ear shape, does not impact their health and movement beyond the usual illnesses you can find in most breeds of dog. Although, I also have breeds with relatively low incidences of genetic illness and longer lifespans than average on my larger breeds.

For the most part I like things how they are in the wild. I've actually had to warm up a bit to even color morphs and oddly colored exotics. I think part of the original appeal of rosy boas was that they are naturally all those colors and just developed them in the wild in different areas. I have no interest in albinos, snows, and so on. I still don't really like the light version of anything unless it's just to remove 1 color to white while leaving a contrast with a darker color. My lavender stripe corn is neat but I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't $20 and I still check out every charcoal and anery corn snake post.
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