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Re: Do you like scaleless snakes?

There is a huge difference, evolutionarily and in time scale, between a trait that has remained relatively unchanged for an entire class of animals to one that is not consistent even with animals of the same species.
Here I assume you're talking about scales and color morphs? I'll concede that the selective forces acting on scales are most likely stronger than those acting on color and pattern, but both benefit in a captive situation, allowing higher levels of survival and reproduction then they would achieve in a wild setting (relative to the wild type morphs).

A scale-less animal is more prone to injury and infection, even in captivity.
This can be true, but as long as there is demand for these scale-less snakes, that becomes the over-riding selective force acting on them in captivity and it creates an evolutionarily stable environment for the trait allowing them to survive and reproduce, even while being more prone to injury and infection than scaled snakes. The same thing is true for something like a pug, where known health and breathing issues don't stop the breed from thriving in captivity.
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