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Re: Do you like scaleless snakes?

Originally Posted by whistlepig View Post
I agree with most that find them unappealing, but am curious about those who site the unnaturalness and evolution. The same could certainly be said about many different color morphs (at least in terms of survivability in a natural setting). I assume these scale-less snakes survive and reproduce in captivity. Do these animals suffer from any known issues that result from their lack of scales or is it just a matter of reaching some tipping point of difference from what a normal snake is supposed to look like? I promise I am not trying to start anything, I just have never heard of these before and am genuinely curious.
I'm also curious about this too. I mean how is it any different than how we mutate (aka breed) dogs (short, smashed faces that do cause health issues)?

I don't care either way about scaleless snakes. I might just like stirring the pot haha
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