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Re: New Member, anxious to get going!

Originally Posted by JRLongton View Post
Exactly! I was going to end up with a terrarium of this size eventually anyway. I have other hobbies and the rule is always the same, spend more now - or a hell of a lot more later.

I went to the snake store and they wer3e all looking at me like I had three heads when I told them the size of the terrarium I bought. Of course, all their snakes were in these little tubs. When I get mine home it will be like moving into a mansion.

A black king snake! very pretty. I was looking at that as well, but my heart is pretty set on a corn snake as my first. Maybe for my second snake...
Depending on the type of snake you bring home, a larger enclosure may stress them out. Make sure to include lots of hides and crawl spaces for them, in case they happen to be one of those species that doesn't thrive in large spaces (i.e. ball pythons).
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