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Re: New Member, anxious to get going!

Originally Posted by saturnascends View Post
We went from a 10 gallon fish tank to a Exo-Terra cage in about 2 days haha.
Exactly! I was going to end up with a terrarium of this size eventually anyway. I have other hobbies and the rule is always the same, spend more now - or a hell of a lot more later.

I went to the snake store and they wer3e all looking at me like I had three heads when I told them the size of the terrarium I bought. Of course, all their snakes were in these little tubs. When I get mine home it will be like moving into a mansion.

A black king snake! very pretty. I was looking at that as well, but my heart is pretty set on a corn snake as my first. Maybe for my second snake...
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