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Re: Introducing Drogo, and asking a Question

Originally Posted by Tsubaki View Post
S/he's absolutely beautiful, do have to say that if you don't know her lineage you can't know if she's a true Nicaraguan. Nicaraguan isn't a morph but a location, if she's mixed with anything else she isn't a nic anymore. Since you don't have documentation she is a boa imperator, nothing more nothing less. This is not a bad thing and doesn't make her any less beautiful, correct labeling is just important. You can call her Nicaraguan if you like she surely resembles one, but if you ever sell or breed her be sure to use the correct name.
True. I don't plan on selling her, and I don't plan on breeding either. I am no way prepared to handle eggs and the like. I don't know if she's 'true' or not but she definitely seems more like a Nicaraguan than other boas I've seen.
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