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Re: Introducing Drogo, and asking a Question

Originally Posted by richardhind View Post
Probably going to be fully grown now as there not massive snakes any way,my hypo Nicaraguan is nearly 2 and she's nice and friendly too she a got a bIt more colour with being hypo and het t+ albino,she's
Over 3ft now
Good luck with her settling in with her/him ,just remember there quite addictive lol
Wow, she's gorgeous. I don't know the specific genes of mine. She came/was given to the LPS as a Colombian red-tail but the LPS owner breeds boas and knew she wasn't that. He had her labeled as a Nic Red-Tail. He knew for sure she was a Nic but that was it, but her temperament is super friendly and to die for.

I know, but this is my last acquisition. My boyfriend was awesome and let me get her after I couldn't stop talking about her for like 2 days straight after she stole my heart. I did my research and figured out they don't get super big, which was part of the reason he let me get her. She makes snake number 2. Don't know how old she is either, but thats alright. She just stole my heart and thats all that really matters.
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