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Re: 2017 Piebald dual sired clutch...

Originally Posted by MesoCorney View Post
What did you prove out Albert? Also how do know it was dual sired? Congrats again.
. Well, by pairing my 1.0 pastel pied and my 1.0 single gene pied X a single gene pied female that she would produce a combination of both double gene and single gene offspring. Which of course is not the 50% expected ratio but there were only 5 eggs. Thanks too.

Originally Posted by Tsubaki View Post
Congrats! Nice clutch
. Thank you. Now comes the hatchling care part which is really the fun part.

Originally Posted by saturnascends View Post
Wow!! Very nice.
. Thanks. That's exactly what I said when the first pastel pied emerged!

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