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Re: Off feed help. Going on 5 months now.

Yes i of course meant F sorry my nerves were a bit rattled yesterday, and understood with the force feeding! And the Husbandry i have checked countless times, i even bought new Thermometers and such because i thought maybe mine was just not showing correctly. The only thing i did notice about him which i thought was odd since none of my others have anything like that. His scales are weird, its like the top most layer is peeling and sticks out at an odd angle, but not everywhere just like one here and there. Other than that he seems to be fine, he explores at night or when i refill his water dish he pokes his head out and walks the perimeter, his tongue is normal and the inside of his mouth. I am just so lost as what to do now. Should i wait it out until breeding season is over? or should i get him to the vet? and once there what happens when he cant figure anything out? i have so many questions.
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