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Re: What is on your wishlist?

Originally Posted by TRD View Post
... The other would be Gonyosoma oxycephalum... beautiful snake, but they are big and bad tempered so I've heard. I don't mind snakes with an attitude, but I heard these guys can be pretty insane and like to bite you in your face instead of hand.
I donít know where you heard this, but it is exaggerated. Arboreal snakes in general tend to be more prone to bite then terrestrial snakes, but they are not just waiting to bite you. My Gonyosoma oxycephalum are active and curious, so they usually come to have a look as soon as you open the door of the enclosure. They watch you doing maintenance and sometimes they decide to go for a walk outside. In my experience they are sometimes a little unpredictable and might bite you without any apparent reason in a situation they did never bite before. But this is just that, a harmless bite, a little blood and thatís all. Just make sure to get cb animals, wc are 90% death candidates.

Gonyosoma oxycephalum

My wishlist would be to complement my existing snakes, especially a female Spilotes sulphureus.

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