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Re: What is on your wishlist?

Originally Posted by TRD View Post

For joke I wanted to reply with an add for Candi, I was sure to find a few on the internets. Apparently there's a male stripper going by Candi...

On the good sides of things, I showed a bunch of pictures of B. cyanea juvies, and got a green light (hard to resist them, so cute, though I had to collect the nice pictures and not gaping defensive little aholes)! Now just need to find CBB somehow. I guess I will show baby snakes from now on to convince her that it's alright, even though it turns in a 9 ft monster within 3 years time
Now I'm curious about the ad!

My husband uses this strategy often. It's how he convinced me into having 2 retics. They were babies. And then his son found a YouTube video of a 24 foot retic in a zoo somewhere, AFTER we bought the retics. AFTER. Would've been helpful BEFORE.
2.5 BCIs, 1.1 BCAs, 1.1 tiger retics, 0.1 Burm, 0.1 Woma, 0.1 Colombian rainbow boa

But if anyone asks, I only have 1. The rest just showed up for the house party.
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