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Re: What is on your wishlist?

Originally Posted by Aaron_S View Post
A blonde stripper named "Candi"....

Oh you meant a reptile wish list.... some angolan pythons I guess....

For joke I wanted to reply with an add for Candi, I was sure to find a few on the internets. Apparently there's a male stripper going by Candi...

On the good sides of things, I showed a bunch of pictures of B. cyanea juvies, and got a green light (hard to resist them, so cute, though I had to collect the nice pictures and not gaping defensive little aholes)! Now just need to find CBB somehow. I guess I will show baby snakes from now on to convince her that it's alright, even though it turns in a 9 ft monster within 3 years time

@Skipper; Eunectes notaeus I thought about too, but I wouldn't know how to house a full grown one properly. We already have a collection of 21 animals now, and 2 kids on top, running out of space.. ;(
@RedTailRutiodon; I also have a weak spot of a nicely banded Cali king for some reason, though I haven't had one of them ever... It's still somewhere floating around my brain from time to time. They have this very iconic thing about them, like diamondbacks, ETBs, or gaboons.
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