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Re: What is on your wishlist?

Oooh boy, this is hard.

Near-ish future (my land lord currently has my critter-count capped, and breeding here is entirely off the table, so I'd need a new space):

*Boaedon capensis breeding pair or trio, they're such adorable little snakes

*Really into corn snakes now after seeing more in person recently, totally in love with striped ones.

*Male Bci, I really love hypo leopards particularly but a sunglow is also really striking

*Female pinstripe BP, maybe an axanthic?

*Cal Kings, especially with a nice even white/black banding, mostly because king snakes as a symbolic thing are really fascinating to me (there's a line in Red Dragon comparing Will Graham to one which really stands out to me)

*Leucistic Texas Rat Snake. My uncle had one years ago and it was a gorgeous, gorgeous animal.

*Pueblan Milk Snake. These I think the basic, wild pattern is the most beautiful.

Further future (would want much more experience/funds available):

*Granite burmese python. Some of the retic morphs are really stunning, but with what I've heard and seen of their temperment I think a burm would really be great, and the granite pattern is really nice looking. If I ever stepped into giants, odds are it'd be here.

*BRB. Maybe doesn't deserve to be in the same ranking, but I'm not comfortable with the potential dehydration issue just yet, particularly since I take some long weekend trips. An automated misting system and/or babysitter for the weekend would go a long way.

*Sumatran Short Tailed Python. That solid black coloring, man. God damn.

*Probably never gunna happen, but hey it's a dream so why not mention it: Albino monocled cobra. Beautiful animals, but I have no experience with hots. Maybe someday, it's something I'd like to learn more about, but the day I get one is far, far in the future.
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