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New, black-eyed crestie

Circle of life is weird somedays. In the morning I found my 9 years old snake dead and I was really shaken badly by it. Yet, the same day I lost one of my pets I also got a one new, so it's all weirdly good and sad at the same time.

Meet my new beloved crestie, he's really beautiful (on the pics he was fired down/in partial fire up) and soo sweet and gentle, just walked on my hand like there is no hurry in the world <3 It's soo different than my adopted boy who hates me with passion.

Sorry that some pics are a little blurry, the light was rather bad. Also, any ideas on a name?

(Tried to do a good pics of his amazing black metallic eyes, but it's not that easy, haha! So I posted one from his breeder page for you to see. And yes, he was born with them, he is now around 14grams, so still a very young boy)

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