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Re: Teddy updates and pics

Teddy's big boy cage came in today. It took AP almost 14 weeks to ship this to me, which is alright since I don't strictly need it yet, but that is about the longest I've ever had to wait for something to get shipped. The cats were all up in it the whole time we were putting it together. The cage is comically big for Teddy. It's a T12 and he's a 165g noodle. I wanted to take a picture, but the sealant is curing. He's 3ft 4in now (9in longer than 2.5 months ago), so if you follow the length+width cage rule, he has technically outgrown his 18x18x18in cube. I'll probably hold off on moving him over until his next cage clean in a couple weeks and do a dry run of the setup shortly before that.

I'm kind of surprised he hasn't shed more times. I've had him for 3+ months now and his weight is 2.5x what it used to be, but he's only shed twice.

Some context for his size. The pictures are a little exaggerated since he's all curled up like a pretend chondro in the first one, but he is noticeably thicker and stronger.

Here's him being a sandwich, taken today.

Also, just wanted to mention: Zig, your jungle looks so much like mine. Your thread is locked so I can't reply to it, but all your carpets are so pretty.
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