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Re: Got bugs?

If you've already treated the tanks with PAM, then you don't have to retreat for a couple of weeks. Then you can switch to Nix. PAM cannot be used directly on snakes for any reason.

If you want to switch to Nix to treat the body of the animal, instead of using the other stuff, please note that in younger ones you may want to treat every 2 weeks instead of the recommended every 10 days. The solution, once diluted, is relatively safe on most snakes (I have heard it can cause reactions in hognoses).

On the Nix treatment, it's going to be cheaper overall. The frequency that is typically recommended is treating the tank and snakes every 10 days. You don't need to completely air out the tank like you do with PAM (I don't put snakes back in the tanks for a MINIMUM of 4 hours after treating with PAM).

Whatever you do, please treat all of your snakes. Those stupid nasty dirty bugs will survive at any cost, and if it's cold can lay dormant for months. Assume everyone has it. I will also spray the carpet in the entire room with the snakes just to be sure. It's safe to do it as often as you want, as long as you let it dry before letting the snakes slither through it.
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